Seven Kingdoms – Decennium Review

Seven Kingdoms Decennium May 5

I’d been waiting for this album ever since I signed up in 2016 for their funding campaign, and in February 2017 it was delivered. The rest of the UK have to wait till 25th May 2017 for it to be released.
It will be worth the wait, it does not disappoint, Symphonic Power Metal in all it’s glory. Only one listening and I was hooked I had to play it again and again. There are 10 tracks on Decennium and the first 6 nail it, I can’t chose a favourite from them, all excellent, the last 4 aren’t bad but a slight drop in performance, where the riffs are still good but the Thrash pace just seemed to take over all the songs.
As with the last album The Fire is Mine in 2012, the music is based around the vocals of Sabrina. She has a powerful voice and she uses a very clean, strong melodic style. There is a heaviness and aggression supplied by guitars and the album runs along with Power and great Riffs.

Rating 8.5/10
Track Listing:
1.Stargazer *****
2.Undying *****
3.In The Walls *****
4.The Tale Of Deathface Ginny *****
5.Castles In The Snow *****
6.Kingslayer *****
7.The Faceless Hero ****
8.Neverending ****
9.Hollow ****
10.Awakened From Nothing ****


Top Power Metal Album – Grimgotts


Grimgotts – Extenditus Playus + Here Be Dragonlords

It’s always hard to try to pick your top album of the year, there are so many.

On the CD it says Symphonic Power Metal from the UK and is two EPs joined into one package. It’s good to have a Power Metal band come through in the UK, it’s been a while since I put on a CD and found out that I enjoyed every track, this is in spite there being line up changes between the two parts of the CD. The vocals from Andy Barton hold everything together as the Melodic Power Metal changes styles from track to track. The combined parts of the CD have 10 tracks. 

Both parts of the CDs have the now obligatory intro track for the first minute. Extenditus Playus has a Seafaring Theme, (a Melodic Alestorm ?). Here Be Dragonlords needs no introduction on the Theme, and if you were to twist my hand I’d have to say it is the better of the two parts, only because it has the stand out track ‘Fight Against the World’.

The best compliment I can give them is that this was like listening to the first Power Quest Album for the first time, you just know there may be more good stuff to come. If you like bands like Wisdom, Power Quest, Dreamtale & Orden Ogan etc check them out.



Power Metal Albums of the Year 2016


Wings of Destiny –  Kings of Terror

Thornbridge – What will Prevail

Dreamtale – Seventhian

Twilight Force – Heroes of Mighty Magic

Winterstorm – Cube of Infinity

Wisdom – Rise of the Wise

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New Metal Releases coming Jan/Feb


These are New Metal Releases due out in Jan/Feb 2017 in the UK

Battle Beast – Bringer of Pain – Expected 17 Feb 2017
Seven Kingdoms – Decennium – Expected Jan/Feb 2017 (Kickstarter)
Victorius – Heart of the Phoenix – 13 jan 2017
Bloodbound – War of Dragons – Expected 24 Feb 2017
Majesty – Rebels – Expected 3 Mar 2017
Crystal Viper Queen of the Witches – Expected 17 Feb 2017
Lancer – Mastery – Expected 13 Jan 2017
Grave Digger – Healed by Metal – Expected 13 Jan 2017
Firewind – Immortals – Expected 20 Jan 2017
Kreator Gods of Violence – Expected 27 Jan 2017
Xandria Theater of Dimensions – Expected 27 Jan, 2017

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Latest Metal Albums Nov 2016


Tracks from the Latest Metal Releases added to the Play list of
Radio Thunder UK

Alter Bridge The Last Hero
Freedom Call – Master of Light
Avenged Sevenfold – The Stage
Brainstorm – Memorial Roots (ReRooted) (Remix)
Hammerfall – Built to Last
Mad Hatter’s Den – Excelsior
Ancesttral – Threat to Society
The Civil War – The Last Full Measure
Wings of Destiny – Kings of Terror
Burning Point – The Blaze (Due Nov 25)
Metallica – Atlas Arise (Hardwired Due Nov 18)

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Latest Metal Tracks Added


Tracks from these Latest #Metal Albums have been added to the playlist of Radio Thunder UK
Sonata Arctica – The Ninth Hour
Deep Sun – Race Against Time
Nightmare – Dead Sun
Skiltron – Leagacy of Blood
Almah – E.V.O
Divine Weep – Tears of the Ages
Iron Mask – Doabolica
Gutter Sirens – Phantom Pains
Iron Fire – Among The Dead
Freedom Call – Master of Light
Great Master – Lion and Queen 

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New Metal Tracks Added OCT2016


Latest Tracks from these New #Metal Albums added to the playlist of Radio Thunder UK

Secret Sphere – One Night in Tokoyo
Kobra & The Lotus – TriggerPulse
Temperance – The Earth Embraces Us All
Orion Child – Into The Deepest Bane of Hope
Leaves Eyes – Fires in the North
Delain – Moonbathers
Veonity – Into The Void
Symphonity – King Of Persia
Gloryful – End of the Night
Epica – The Holographic Principle or listen on winamp