Attick Demons – Let’s Raise Hell – Review


Attick Demons – Let’s Raise Hell (Heavy Metal)
Close your eyes, turn on the CD and you’d think you’d missed the latest Iron Maiden release.
Take a listen to the samples.
Attick Demons sample tracks
A tribute band ??, but they have their own material that stands out on it’s own.

ATTICK DEMONS are a portuguese heavy metal band that will take you to the old days of New Wave of British Heavy Metal with a little twist of today’s heavy metal sound.
With a high pitched powerful singer (I had to make sure Bruce wasn’t making a guest appearance), galloping drums and classic blazing guitar solos, you have to listen if you like #Iron Maiden.

Tracks from this New Metal Album and other New albums can be found on the Playlist of Radio Thunder UK. Each month New Metal tracks are added to the Playlist from the Latest Metal Albums.

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#Sebastien – Dark Chambers of Deja Vue

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Savatage – Return to Wacken

Savatage Return to Wacken
01. Hall Of The Mountain King (4.9)
02. Gutter Ballet (4.9)
03. Believe (5)
04. Chance (4.7)
05. Edge Of Thorns (5)
06. The Wake Of Magellan (4.9)
07. Dead Winter Dead (4.7)
08. The Hourglass (4.8)
09. Tonight He Grins Again (5)
10. Prelude To Madness (4.5)
11. When The Crowds Are Gone (4.9)
Rated 4.8/5
To commemorate their return on stage at this years Wacken, Savatage have decided to release an eleven track collection of songs that were performed during the band’s previous two visits to the Wacken Festival in Germany – a collection entitled “Return to Wacken”. I guess the title is a bit misleading if you are expecting a Live album from the previous Wacken concerts, but after the initial disappointment what you do get is some of the Best tracks from the Savatage catalog that have been given a good dynamic STUDIO production, and if you are looking for an album to get to know what Savatage sound like, this is the one for you. It is well worth getting this album even if you are familiar with the tracks because the production is the best possible and has given the sound a spring clean. You can see from the above marks which are my favourite tracks that have gone on the Playlist of Radio Thunder UK.

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Some of the Metal & Rock New Releases due out this Summer. Tracks from these albums will find their way onto the Playlist of Radio Thunder UK and I will try and review them when they are Released.

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Tarja – Luna Park Ride May 31
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Hollow Haze – Memories of an Ancient Time (9 June)
Guardians of Time – Rage and Fire (20 May)
Stormhammer – Echoes of a Lost Paradise (12 June)
Xandria – Fire & Ashes (EP) (31 July)
Powerwolf – Blessed & Possesed (13 July)
Burning Point – Burning Point (22 June)
House of Lords – Indestructible (5 June) (HTML5 Player) (Media Stream)

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Nightwish – Endless Forms Most Beautiful
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Victorians Arsitocrats Symphony – Revival
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Sonic Prophecy – Apocalyptic Promenade
Magic Kingdom – Savage Requiem
Triosphere – The Heart of the Matter
Illuminata – Where Stories Unfold

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