On this blog you will find the Latest Metal album Pre-views and Reviews in association with Radio Thunder UK a digital Radio Stream.

Playing Metal * 24/7 …. for the latest tracks played see Website:http://radiothunderuk.moonfruit.com/
Download the Free Android App from Googleplay or Blackberry Mobile App from Appworld or for iPhone & iPad apps from iTunes

and for media streams like Winamp & WMP use the link http://listen.radionomy.com/radiothunderuk.m3u

You can find out the latest news & tracks being played by going to the you will also find the latest Metal youTube Videos on both the Website and Twitter feed.

Goto Radio Thunder UK for the Latest Metal Videos
Radio Thunder UK’s Best Tracks Video (below) is just one on many Metal Video Playlists you can find there.

Radio Thunder UK :- Metal & Rock 24/7 playing tracks from the latest Releases, Old Favourites, Classic Rock, Symphonic/Goth Metal – bands such as Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Nightwish, Within Temptation, Saxon, Gamma Ray, Kamelot, Blind Guardian, Dream Theater, Serenity, Bloodbound and many new bands, and New Album tracks from the latest Releases…. We try and look for the Latest Bands and their new Releases. Some that have come to our notice this year are Absolva – ShadowQuest – Beyond the Black – Starblind – Masters of Disguise – BlackWelder – The Storyteller – Burning Point – Winterage and many more

You can connect media software such as Winamp and Windows Media Player using the above media stream to listen to the radio.

You can search for Radio Thunder UK on Mobile apps such as TuneIn, Radionomy, iTunes, and online websites such as Icecast, RadioShaker, StreamFinder, Shoutcast. You can also download Radio Thunder UK own Apps for your Mobile and Tablets from the Googleplay & Blackberry appworld see Links above and soon apps will be available from iTunes (iPhones) & Windows Mobile Apps sites.


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