Metal Albums Released in March 2020

New Rel MarApr 2020

Some Metal Albums due for Release in the next months

CRYSTAL EYES – Chained (Re Released) 6 Mar
AEVUM – Multiverse 27 Mar
ELIXIR – Voyage Of The Eagle 6 Mar
BADD KHARMA – On Fire 16 Mar
ABSOLVA – Side By Side 14 Apr
DEADRISEN – DeadRisen 13 Mar
IVANHOE – Blood and Gold 20 Mar
SCARLET AURA – Stormbreaker 27 Mar
SOLITARY SABRED – By Fire and Brimstone 13 Mar
DYNAZTY – The Dark Delight 3 Apr
AD INFINITUM – Chapter 1 Monarchy 3 Apr
BLOODBOUND – Bloodheads United 17 Apr (Special EP)

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