Upcoming Metal Releases in Feb 2020

New Rel FebMar 2020

SEVEN SPIRES Emerald Seas 14 Feb
NILS PATRIK JOHANSSON The Great Conspiracy 28 Feb
ALLEN – OLZON Worlds Apart 6 Mar
SECRET RULE Against 21 Feb
DELAIN Apocalypse & Chill 7 Feb
IRONFLAME Blood Red Victory 7 Feb
KREATOR London Apocalypticon Live at the Roundhouse 14 Feb
ILIUM – Carcinogeist 21 Feb
BURNING WITCHES Dance With The Devil 6 Mar
AYREON Electric Castle Live and Other Tales CD+DVD 27 March
ORDEN OGAN Final Days 28 Aug 2020

Find the Latest News on Metal Releases & Videos Here   :   GordOfThunder Website

The Latest Power To The Metal Podcast Here on Mixcloud: GordOfThunder Podcast January 2020

Jan2020 Podcast Mixcloud Logo

Power To The Metal Podcast – The Best of Album tracks for January 2020 featuring Power – Symphonic & Melodic Metal. Some of the bands featured from their latest 2020 albums include British Lion – ShadowQuest – Serenity – Serious Black – and some new Bands such as Invictus and Mindless Sinner. Also complete album Sample Tracks from the 2020 Temperance – Brothers of Metal and Victorius albums, along with some Old Metal Classic tracks from Nightwish – Demons & Wizards and Absolva who are all releasing New Albums in the coming Months.

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