New Metal Pre-Album Releases Jan 2019


new release track jan 2019

These are the tracks chosen for the RADIO THUNDER UK Playlist from soon to be released Metal Albums

GLORYFUL Cult Of Sedna Track:Brothers in Arms
DELAIN Hunter’s Moon Track:Masters of Destiny
IRON SAVIOR Kill or Get Killed Track:Eternal Quest
METAL INQUISITOR Panopticon Track:Beyond Nightmares
TYR Hel Track:Fire and Flame
LOST IN GREY The Waste Land Track: Waste Land
IN VICTORY Uplifting Metal Track:Hymn of Absolute Glory
SECRET RULE The 7 Endless Track:Destruction
ANCIENT BARDS Origine Track:Impious Dystopia
THORNBRIDGE Theatrical Masterpiece Track:Theatrical Masterpiece
LOVEBITES Clockwork Immortality Track:Addicted
STARBREAKER Dysphoria Track:Pure Evil

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 Radio Thunder UK 7 Day Playlist

New Metal Videos December 2018

ANCIENT BARDS – Impious Dystopia
KALIDIA – Circe’s Spell
TORIAN – Far From Midian Sky
AONIA – Still, I Rise (ft. Blaze Bayley)
RHAPSODY OF FIRE – The Legend Goes On (2018)
FROZEN LAND – Delusions Of Grandeur
THORNBRIDGE – Theatrical Masterpiece
AVANTASIA – The Raven Child

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Tracks from the latest Metal Albums will appear on the Radio Thunder UK Playlist