New Metal Releases Oct/Nov 2018

New Releases Oct 2018

LORDS OF THE TRIDENT – Shadows of the Past 24 Aug
AXXIS – Monster Hero 5 Oct
SILVER DUST – House 21 5 Oct
VEONITY – Legend Of The Starborn 27 Nov
STRIKER – Play To Win 26 Oct
SEPTAGON – Apocalyptic Rhymes 9 Nov
ATLAS – In Pursuit of Memory 28 Sep
DIRE PERIL – The Extraterrestial Compendium 9 Nov
ARION – Life Is Not Beautiful 12 Oct
LEAH – The Quest 10 Oct
SIRENIA – Arcane Astral Aeons 26 Oct
ARION – Life Is Not Beautiful 12 Oct

New Releases Oct 2 2018

ALLEGIANCE REIGN – A Signal Fire of Battle 9 Oct EP
RAVENLIGHT – End of The World (EP) 20 Sep 18
SKULL FIST Way-of-the-Road 26 Oct 2018
ENEMY INSIDE – Phoenix 28 Sept
ONCE – After Earth 19 Oct
GUARDIANS OF TIME Tearing Up The World 19 Oct
REINFORCE The Wanderer 14 Sep
ARIA – Curse Of The Seas 17 Nov
THEM – Manor of the Se7en Gables 25 Oct
HAMMER KING – Poseidon Will Carry Us Home 15 Oct
SEVEN THORNS – Symphony of Shadows 9 Dec

Tracks from these Metal Albums will be added to the Playlist of

RADIO THUNDER UK when released.

You can find out what the latest tracks are being played Click on this Link

Radio Thunder UK 7 Day Playlist


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