Metal Albums 2017

Unknown Best Tracks 2017 No1

These are lesser known Metal bands who brought out some good albums in 2017

#Metal Albums from 2017 with my favourite tracks listed.

Band – Track – Album
Majesty – Iron Hill – Rebels
Brothers of Metal – Prophecy of Ragnarok – Brothers of Metal
Aldaria – Lost in the Darkness Below – Land of Light
Galderia – Return of the Cosmic Men
Victorius – Shadow Warriors – Heart of the Phoenix
Valor – Arrogant Fall – The Arrogance The Fall
Grimgotts – The Edge of the World – Part Man Part Beast..
Ignea – Seytanu Akbar – The Sign of Faith
Corvus Java – Forbidden Gate – Chapter One Forbidden Gate
Silent Knight – Masterplan – The Masterplan
Pyogenesis – I Have Seen My Soul – A Kingdom to Disappear
Don’t Drop the Sword – Death or Glory – Into the Fire
Night Demon – Hallowed Ground – Darkness Remains
Burning Shadows – Southwind – Truth in Legend
Beyond Fallen – Return of the Sky Gods – As Spires Fall
Epilog – Guardian Angel – Whispers in the Darkness
White Skull – Lady of Hope – Will of the Strong
Fogalord – Masters of War – Masters of War
Ascendant – Land of a 1000 Echoes – A Thousand Echoes
Signum Regis – Unfold the Mystery – Decennium Primum

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