New Metal Releases Sept/Oct/Nov 2017

New Rel OctSept2017_No2

Angel Nation – Aeon Oct 27
Commuinc – Where Echoes Gather 27 Oct
The Unguided and the Battle Royal 10 Nov
Evil Invaders Feed Me Violence 29 Sept
Mirrorplan Path of Salvation Sept 8
The Dark Element – The Dark Element 10 Nov
Jani Liimatainen & Anette Olzon

New Rel OctSept2017

Lucid Dreaming – The Cronicles PtII (15 Sept)
Evertale – The Great Brotherwar (Oct 27)
Power Quest – Sixth Dimension (13 Oct)
Night Legion – Night Legion (Oct 20)
Osyron – Kingsbane (13 Oct)
Galneryus – Ultimate Sacrefice (27 Sept)
Amberian Dawn – Darkness of Entity (Nov 10)
Beast in Black – Berserker (Nov 3)
Serenity – Lionheart (Oct 27)
Sleeping Romance – Alba (Nov 3)
Arrayan Path – Dawn of Aquarius (Nov 17)
Delain – Live at Paradise (27 Oct)

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