Latest Metal Releases coming in June/July

New Metal JunJul2

Some Metal Releases due out in the UK in June & July pre-release tracks are already being played on Radio Thunder UK

Fogalord – Masters of War 2 Jun
LionSoul – Welcome Storm 23 Jun
Orden Ogan – Gunmen 2 Jul
Wizard – Fallen Kings 16 Jun
Kissin’ Dynamite – Generation Goodbye-Dynamite Nights Live 14Jul
Iced Earth Incorruptible 16 June
Blind Guardian – Live Beyond the Spheres 7 Jul
TEN – Gothica 7 Jul
Unleash the Archers – Apex 2 June
Secret Sphere The Nature of Time June 2
Edguy – Monuments 14 Jul
Ravenia – Creators of the Apocalypse(single) ?

You can find out the latest news & tracks being played by going to the Twitter

Tracks from Metal Albums will appear on the Radio Thunder UK


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