Cryonic Temple – Into the Glorious Battle

Cryonic Temple Into the Gloriuos Battle

Searching for new Metal Releases for downloading to play on Radio Thunder UK, I came across this unexpectedly, the full album ready for downloading on Amazon UK, even the release date is down as being in April, so quick as a flash I downloaded before they could take it away. So glad I did.
After just one play I could tell this was going to be an album to get into my Top 10 Power Metal Albums of 2017.
14 Tracks of Power Metal, 2 are Intro tracks but out of the other 12, there is only one track (9) that wouldn’t make the Radio Playlist. Choosing the tracks to put on is difficult, after many plays I think All the Kingsmen is my favourite track, but tracks 2-7 are all great so hard to choose, so they get put on as well.


Rating: 9/10
1. The Beginning of a New Era (2:27)
2. Man of a Thousand Faces (5:17)
3. All the Kingsmen (4:48)
4. Prepare for War (4:33)
5. Heroes of the Day (5:11)
6. Mighty Eagle (3:31)
7. Into the Glory Battle (4:19)
8. The Speech (0:54)
9. Mean Streak (3:04)
10. Flying over the Snowy Fields (4:13)
11. Can’t Stop the Heat (4:41)
12. This War Is Useless (Eulogy) (5:12)
13. Heavy Burden (5:31)
14. Freedom (7:55)

Tracks from Metal Albums will appear on the Radio Thunder UK

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