Latest Metal Tracks Added


Tracks from these Latest #Metal Albums have been added to the playlist of Radio Thunder UK
Sonata Arctica – The Ninth Hour
Deep Sun – Race Against Time
Nightmare – Dead Sun
Skiltron – Leagacy of Blood
Almah – E.V.O
Divine Weep – Tears of the Ages
Iron Mask – Doabolica
Gutter Sirens – Phantom Pains
Iron Fire – Among The Dead
Freedom Call – Master of Light
Great Master – Lion and Queen 

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New Metal Tracks Added OCT2016


Latest Tracks from these New #Metal Albums added to the playlist of Radio Thunder UK

Secret Sphere – One Night in Tokoyo
Kobra & The Lotus – TriggerPulse
Temperance – The Earth Embraces Us All
Orion Child – Into The Deepest Bane of Hope
Leaves Eyes – Fires in the North
Delain – Moonbathers
Veonity – Into The Void
Symphonity – King Of Persia
Gloryful – End of the Night
Epica – The Holographic Principle or listen on winamp