New Metal Album tracks added April 2016 to the Radio Playlist

Gallery April 2016 New

Hopes of Freedom – Burning Skyfall
Orden Ogan – Book of Ogan
Amon Amarth – Jomsviking
Dyscordia – Words in Ruin
Thunderstone – Apocalypse Again
Grimgotts – Here be Dragonlords
Magni Animi Viri – Heroes Temporis

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Unknown New Metal bands Album Releases March 2016

Gallery Unknown March2016

Some unknown Metal Bands that have recently released their albums and have had tracks put on the Radio Playlist.
See if you like them.
Norhod – Voices from the Ocean
Skeletoon – The Curse of the Avenger
Thornbridge – What will Prevail
Sole Survivor – Sole Survivor (EP)
Shadowfall – Flames of the Core
Diviner – Fallen Empires
Metatrone – Eucharismetal
Knightmare – Wolves of Redemption
Zephaniah – Reforged
Dynazty – Titanic Mass
Enternity’s End – The Fire Within

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