Metal Tracks & Albums Feb 2016

Gallery tracks Feb2012

Lords of Black – II 
Holy Grail – Times of Pride and Peril
Waken Eyes – Exodus
Sinbreed – Master Creator
Helion Prime Apollo (The Eagle has Landed)
Delain – Lunar Prelude
Lethal Steel – Legion of the Night
Diviner – Fallen Empires
Thornbridge – What will Prevail
Bloodbound – One Night of Blood (Live)
Millennial Reign – Carry the Fire

Tracks from these albums are the Latest to make the playlist of Radio Thunder UK 

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New Metal Release dates in Feb/March

Feb/March 2016 New Releases

Feb/March 2016 New Releases

New Metal releases due out in Feb/Mar in the UK
Bloodbound – One Night of Blood 12th Feb
Wisdom – Rise of the Wise 26th Feb
Magnum – Sacred Bood Divine Lies 26th Feb
Sabaton – Heroes on Tour 14 Mar
Striker – Stand in the Fire 6th Feb
Delain – Lunar Prelude EP 19th Feb
Almanac – Tsar 18th Mar
Innerwish – Innerwish 18th Mar
Beyond the Black – Lost in Forever 12th Feb
Mob Rules – Tales from Beyond 18th Mar
Blaze Bayley – Infinite Engagement 18th Mar

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