Iron Maiden – The Book of Souls Review

“The Book of Souls”

Disc 1:

01. If Eternity Should Fall 4.6/5
02. Speed of Light 4.5/5
03. The Great Unknown 4.7/5
04. The Red and the Black 4.8/5
05. When the River Runs Deep 4.7/5
06. The Book of Souls 5/5
Disc 2:
01. Death or Glory 4.8/5
02. Shadows of the Valley 5/5
03. Tears of a Clown 4.9/5
04. The Man of Sorrows 5/5
05. Empire of the Clouds 5/5

Rated: 4.85/5

This is a joy of an album and I’m sure a lot of the tracks will go down in Maiden History. It’s always taken me time to get used to Studio albums from Maiden since ‘Piece of Mind’, but it was strange for me to play this for the first time and pick out the 5 Star tracks. There are some Epic looong tracks on this double album. Empire of the Clouds runs at 18 mins The Red and The Black runs 13:33 The Book of Souls 10:27. With these tracks comes the Maiden iconic changes in Rhythm and pace. My favourite track at present is Shadows of the Valley. The only negative I’d have is some tracks like If Enternity Should Fall are stretched out too long with a repeat of the chorus verse over and over. I like Iron Maiden ‘live’ and I can see the tracks that have lower marks against being given a boost with a Live performance.