Powerwolf – Blessed & Possessed Review

Powerwolf Blessed & Possesed Jul13

Disc I
01. Blessed & Possessed 5
02. Dead Until Dark 4.8
03. Army Of The Night 5
04. Armata Strigoi 5
05. We Are The Wild 4.9
06. Higher Than Heaven 5
07. Christ & Combat 5
08. Sanctus Dominus 4.8
09. Sacramental Sister 4.8
10. All You Can Bleed 5
11. Let There Be Night 5

Disc II [Limited edition]
01. Touch Of Evil [Judas Priest cover]
02. Conquistadores [Running Wild cover]
03. Edge Of Thorns [Savatage cover]
04. Power And Glory [Chroming Rose cover]
05. Out In The Fields [Gary Moore cover]
06. Shot In The Dark [Ozzy Osbourne cover]
07. Gods Of War Arise [Amon Amarth cover]
08. The Evil That Men Do [Iron Maiden cover]
09. Headless Cross [Black Sabbath cover]
10. Night Crawler [Judas Priest cover]
Rated 4.95/5
Since Blood of the Saints album Powerwolf have hit on their sound and style – Melodic, sing along, great catchy riffs, the demon/church theme. They get accused of each album sounding the same, but not from me, the lyrics and riffs remain different, but the style is the same, you can recognise them. This album has improved them, what you get are songs many which are under 4 minutes, they don’t drag songs out with masses of extra solos, and it works.
On the second disc they do covers and pretty keep to the originals all the way through, but you can see where they probably got their influences from.
It’s a good choice of tracks, and played well, but I don’t think any of the tracks beat the originals.
As you can see from the amount of 5 star tracks, I enjoyed this album it’s catchy, good and cheesey lyrics but I love it.
Powerwolf seem to get a good following from all parts of the Metal Brotherhood.

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