Some of the Metal & Rock New Releases due out this Summer

Some of the Metal & Rock New Releases due out this Summer. Tracks from these albums will find their way onto the Playlist of Radio Thunder UK and I will try and review them when they are Released.

Iron Savior – Live at the Final Frontier June 1
Virgin Steele – Nocturnes of Hellfire & Damnation June22
Tarja – Luna Park Ride May 31
Helloween – My God Given Right June 1
Hollow Haze – Memories of an Ancient Time (9 June)
Guardians of Time – Rage and Fire (20 May)
Stormhammer – Echoes of a Lost Paradise (12 June)
Xandria – Fire & Ashes (EP) (31 July)
Powerwolf – Blessed & Possesed (13 July)
Burning Point – Burning Point (22 June)
House of Lords – Indestructible (5 June) (HTML5 Player) (Media Stream)

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April 2015 Metal Reviews

Heavy Metal from an LA band that has had personnel changes over the years since Chris Impellitteri formed IMPELLITTERI in 1987, and his shredder style of guitar sound dominates the albums. This album is filled with addictive and memorable riffs, along with singalong melodic vocals from Rob Rock make this an enjoyable album, but not a classic. Empire of Lies is a favourite track and gives a good flavour of things to come.

Blackwelder – Survival of the Fittest 4.6/5
If I mention Ralf Scheepers (PRIMAL FEAR, ex-GAMMA RAY) on vocals then you know what to expect from an album that I do like a lot. Add to that the Malmsteen like guitar from mainman Andrew Szucs it has a prog-Metal feel to it. The track that got me hooked to wanting to hear the album was Adeturi an instrumental track with that classical guitar feel to it, but then the I heard a vocal track, and not knowing it was Scheepers I thought this is Gamma Ray meets Yngwie Malmsteen.

Fury – The Lightning Dreams 4.5/5
A fairly new UK Metal band hailing from Worcester, England, with a mixture of Metal tracks in different styles, but an 80’s sound to them with inclusions of speed, metal and ballads. You can hear influences of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. My fav tracks are the ballad ‘Britannia’ and Warrior’s Prayer. A good first effort.

Lords of the Trident – Frostburn 4.7/5
Hometown: Madison, WI Melodic Power Metal from America, they follow in the footsteps of Noble Beast, Catchy tunes and many opportunities to headbang, vocals by Fang VonWrathenstein gives you idea they are out for fun, and an epic style helps to put them into the Freedom Call bracket of Power Metal.

Mutum – Premonitions of War 4.5/5
Mutum is a female fronted symphonic metal band from Monterey Mexico who have been going for over 12 years, I’d have to class this album as a Metal Opera, and it has a very Orchestral sound to it with chorus choirs. Fav track Gloria Victis. Recommended for fans of Epica, Ayreon, After Forever, Nightwish.

Serious Black – As Daylight Breaks 4.6/5
Serious Black This is a new band put together with members of guitarist Roland Grapow (Masterplan, ex-Helloween), drummer Thomen Stauch (Savage Circus, ex-Blind Guardian), bassist Mario Lochert (ex-Visions of Atlantis), guitarist Dominik Sebastian (Edenbridge), keyboardist Jan Vacik (ex-Dreamscape) and vocalist Urban Breed (ex-Bloodbound). With that pedigree they’ve created an excellent album blending a clear melodic sound, I’d put them in the Kamelot like sound category.

Silentlie – Layers of Nothing 4.5/5
SILENTLIE is a female fronted Gothic Metal band from Trieste in Italy, energetic Gothic Metal with influences of Melodic, catchy modern style of sounds, sometimes you think you’ve heard a track before, but that is because there are a lot of bands out there doing the same.