New Release Reviews and Recommendations March 2105

Judicator At the Expense of Humanity
Judicator At the Expense of Humanity
Delighted by this Power Metal (Blind Guardian style) the more I listen to it. I’ve read that the album deals with the passing frontman John Yelland’s brother due to cancer, and there are some great lyrics and music that will do the band proud. Every song has a way of grabbing you making you listen, my outstanding songs are God’s Failure, Coping Mechanism and the Title track. They have built on their last album Sleepy Plessow. Rated 4.75/5

Damnation Angles The Valiant Fire
Damnation Angels The Valiant Fire
If you haven’t heard of Damanation Angels I’d have to categorize them as being a cross between Symphonic and Progressive Metal. The Valiant Fire is truly an impressive piece from the British Band. Their first album Bringer of Light started the ball rolling and this album has continued the upward spiral. Listen to tracks such as This is Who Were Are & Closure and you’ll get a flavour for the band. Everlasting and Under an Ancient Sun are other tracks that stand out and make this an outstanding Album to recommend. Rated 4.68/5

Eden's Curse Live with the Curse
Eden’s Curse Curse Live with the Curse
As a Live album this doesn’t quite hit the spot for me, but having said that it gives a raw sound with audience participation to some polished studio album tracks, and if you are new to the band it is a good selection of their catalog to help you to get knowledge of the bands 9 years. The setlist contained songs from every studio album and with a total of 18 tracks there’s a lot to enjoy for everyone. Listen to ‘Symphony of Sin’ Live then listen to the Studio version and see a band that can sell itself. Rated 4.5/5

Enforcer From Beyond
Enforcer From Beyond
Enforcer are back with a sturdy classic heavy metal, it’s in the old style of early Iron Maiden and bands of that era 80’s Metal, and why not, stand out tracks include the album title track From Beyond, with Undying Evil, Hungary They Come. Although this album doesn’t create any new path for metal, it’s a great addition to any collection of fans of 80’s metal. Rated 4.65/5

Magic Kingdom Savage Requiem
Magic Kingdom Savage Requiem
Neo-classical Power Metal (Malmsteen Style) well it has it’s moments, Ship of Ghosts, Guardian Angels, and these are tracks that stand out but not enough of them for me. Rated 4.3/5

The Storyteller sacred fire
The Storyteller Sacred Fire
A Swedish metal band formed in 1990, melodic power metal, with a touch of medieval and folk music. Not heard them before this album and have been impressed with a very good standard of Power Metal, lots of guitar riffs and solos along with good vocals. No real standout tracks but that might be because I like a lot of the tracks and couldn’t really pick some that stood out. Rated 4.75/5

Beyond the Black – Songs of Love and Death Album Review

Beyond the Black Songs of Love and Death
Beyond the Black Songs of Love and Death
Melodic Symphonic Metal from this German band with female vocals much in the Within Temptation and Epica vein.
I found this band on YouTube and immediately liked what I heard. It has a more raw sound to it than the more polished sometimes over elaborate symphonic productions. Lots of melodic vocals building up into powerful songs. This band will do well and once you hear the opening track In The Shadows you’ll be hooked.

1. In The Shadows (5)
2. Songs Of Love And Death (4.8)
3. Unbroken (4.6)
4. When Angels Fall (4.9)
5. Pearl In A World Of Dirt (4.5)
6. Hallelujah (4.7)
7. Running To The Edge (4.76)
8. Numb (4.5)
9. Drowning In Darkness (4.6)
10. Afraid Of The Dark (4.7)
11. Fall Into The Flames (4.6)
12. Love Me Forever (4.7)
Rated 4.75/5

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Blind Guardian Beyond the Red Mirror Album Review

Blind Guardian Beyond the Red Mirror

Blind Guardian
Beyond the Red Mirror

BLIND GUARDIAN deliver Power Metal of the highest grade on Beyond the Red Mirror. These guys have come a long way since “Battalions of Fear” it’s tremendous. They seem to have progressed at every album, and here is no exception, you could throw words like Melodic, Epic at most of the songs. I think I’m going to enjoy seeing them in concert, because this album will blend in with everything previous too it. Am I saying it sounds all the same, NO, the lyrics and music are just a continuation of a great sound.

01. The Ninth Wave (5)
02. Twilight of the Gods (5)
03. Prophecies (4.6)
04. At the Edge of Time (4.75)
05. Ashes of Eternity (4.6)
06. The Holy Grail (4.75)
07. The Throne (4.6)
08. Sacred Mind (4.6)
09. Miracle Machine (4.5)
10. Grand Parade (4.75)
11. Distant Memories (4.6)

Rated 4.8/5
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Nightwish Endless Forms Most Beautiful Album Review

Nightwish Endless Forms Most Beautiful

Endless Forms Most Beautiful

This is an album that grows on you. And I think by the time I see them in concert it will flow through seamlessly into a great show.
Many Band changes and vocal changes have occurred throughout their history and I for one have loved how the band has progressed.
At first they were a band that on each album that came out I could pick one or two tracks out and say that’s great, now it’s become more and more tracks. Nightwish are just one of those bands where sometimes a studio album doesn’t quite hit the spot but you see it done live and it makes you enjoy the album more. I’m not a 100% that the production on this album does Floor justice. Having seen her at Wacken and being blown away with her performance, and acknowledging she just seems the perfect fit between Tarja and Annette for Nightwish. I am so looking forward to the concert in December to see Floor Jansen give these songs 100% and tracks like Alpenglow, Elan, Shudder Before the Beautiful, Endless Forms, given the full treatment. This album just misses that electric zest.

01. Shudder Before The Beautiful (4.75)
02. Weak Fantasy (3.75)
03. Èlan (4.75)
04. Yours Is An Empty Hope (4.7)
05. Our Decades In the Sun (4.5)
06. My Walden (4.6)
07. Endless Forms Most Beautiful (4.75)
08. Edema Ruh (4.5)
09. Alpenglow (4.75)
10. The Eyes Of Sharbat Gula (4.5)
11. The Greatest Show On Earth (4.0)
Rated 4.65/5