New Metal Albums & Bands October

This month I thought I’d review some new metal bands (at least they are for me) I have come across and are worth a mention.

Daydream XI have a new album out called The Grand Design. Mixing rock, hard rock and progressive rock with heavy metal and power metal influences, they originate from Brazil.  Two tracks  Watch Me Rise, Keeping the Dream Alive were chosen for my online Metal radio

Immortal Guardian have a New Album Revelution Pt 1 mixed by legendary producer/engineer Roy Z (Judas Priest, Bruce Dickinson, Halford, Yngwie Malmsteen) it is power/progressive/melodic shred, check this is their second album, they come from Austin USA.

Sister Sin New Album Black Lotus I cheated here as they are not new to me but I just love the Metal energy from this band, and their albums always seem to have a few gems and on this album there a few more, one being Chaos Royale along with Food for Worms, Au Revoir, Ruled by None.

Striker New Album City of Gold check Raw Metal, melodic high pitched vocals and racing guitars.

Burning Black Album Remission of Sin have created a gem: an exciting compromise of melody and power, they Hail from Italy and have been influenced by US Power Metal & 80’s Heavy Metal bands.

Red Circuit Album Haze of Nemesis a Prog Power Metal German band Oceans Apart is the standout track for me, not on Soundcloud see link to you tube. Amanda Sommerville sings on a track called Worlds Collide.

Claymorean Album The ClaymoreLament of Victory Epic power metal band from Lazarevac, Serbia. Female vocals mixed with male backing, reminds me a bit of Elvenking in their sound.

Arion Album Last of Us the outstanding track is Out of Ashes Symphonic Power Metal from Helsinki

Crown of Glory album King for A Day a German Melodic/Power metal band influences sound like Edguy, the title track King For A Day gives a good indication of the album.

Sipario Power Metal Act  Album Oblivion Symphonic Power Metal from Ital, fronted by two female singers, track Morpheus gives an example of there tracks.

Hell’s Guardian album Follow Your Fate from Italy Melodic Death Metal, Have taken to sound like Amaranthe, with Melodic Male, Female and Beast Vocals but it works for me cause the music is well done.

Viathyn album Cynosure This could possible become my New Band of the Year, they have a mixture of Power Metal, Progressive Metal with a bit of Folk Metal, Symphonic Metal thrown in. They are a Canadian Band and this is their second Release the first being The Peregrine Way.

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