Hammerfall – (r)Evolution Review

Hammerfall_-_(r)Evolution Medium

“(r)Evolution” track listing:

1. Hector’s Hymn (3.5)
2. (r)Evolution (4)
3. Bushido (5)
4. Live Life Loud (5)
5. Ex Inferis (3.5)
6. We Won’t Back Down (4.5)
7. Winter Is Coming (4)
8. Origins (4.5)
9. Tainted Metal (4.5)
10. Evil Incarnate (4)
11. Wildfire (4.5)

Album Rating (4.4/5)

Hammerfall Have Delivered a good album, I hesitate to say great, because I have to confess I blow hot and cold with Hammerfall albums. Hammerfall to me fall into a group of bands where on each of their albums there are tracks that I think are classic, but the whole of albums fails to deliver a 5 star performance.

Having said that I enjoyed the (r)Evolution album and think this is their best album for a long time. The early release of the track Bushido was good, but the release Hectors Hymn made me hesitate and think Oh no is it going to be another disappointment. But no I think they have a good blend, and probably they have brought back some of their old and early style to this album, but have a classier production.

Because of this I am sure there will be fans of the group that will be divided about the album, but for me it does deliver one of the best Hammerfall albums with standout tracks such as Bushido, Live Life Loud, Origins, Tainted Metal, We Won’t Back Down, Wildfire all getting played on Radio Thunder UK, 24/7 online Metal Radio.

Astral Doors – ‘Notes from the Shadows’ Review

Astral Doors Notes from the Shadows

“Notes From The Shadows” track listing:

1. Last Temptation of Christ (5)
2. Disciples of the Dragon Lord (5)
3. Wailing Wall (5)
4. Shadowchaser (4.5)
5. Die Alone (5)
6. Hoodoo Ceremony (3)
7. Southern Conjuration (4)
8. Walker the Stalker (3.5)
9. Desert Nights (3.5)
10. In the Name of Rock (4)
11. Confessions (4.5)

Album Rating 4.35/5

With vocalist Nils Patrik Johansson they deliver again a typical Astral Doors Album. The comparison to Dio vocals is obvious, but there is a style that is easily identifiable to him when you listen to him with such bands as Civil War or Wuthering Heights, he has a range of vocals that he uses well, and I think being compared to Dio is just a great compliment, but no way is he a copycat. The sound from the rest of the band is great, well written songs with keyboards from Joakim Rodberg and riffs from Joachim Nordlund, typical Astral Doors hallmarks, and the first 5 tracks deliver what I want to hear, for me after that the tracks tail off a bit in quality till the final track Confessions.

My favourite tracks are probably Disciples of the Dragon Lord and the epic track is Die Alone (9:13), as I said the first five tracks and Confessions are typical of Astral Doors and have been chosen for the Playlist of Radio Thunder UK, my online 24/7 metal radio.

If you haven’t heard them before, and would like a heavier version of  Rainbow, and even if you like bands like Axxis , Firewind, Avantasia and Edguy check them out.