Judas Priest – Redeemer of Souls Review

Judas Priest Redeemer of Souls vlarge

Disc I
01. Dragonaut (4.5)
02. Redeemer Of Souls (5)
03. Halls Of Valhalla (5)
04. Sword Of Damocles (5)
05. March Of The Damned (5)
06. Down In Flames (4)
07. Hell & Back (5)
08. Cold Blooded (5)
09. Metalizer (4)
10. Crossfire (4.5)
11. Secrets Of The Dead (5)
12. Battle Cry (5)
13. Beginning Of The End (4.5)

Disc II [Deluxe Edition bonus]
01. Snakebite (4.5)
02. Tears Of Blood (5)
03. Creatures (5)
04. Bring It On (4)
05. Never Forget (4.5)

Rating 4.75/5

I was ready to be disappointed Priest had released the track Redeemer of Souls and that whetted my appetite but the early release of Dragonaut got me doubting if they had pulled it off, were they going to slip up, the answer is NO, Judas Priest are back to their best. This album has a Classic Priest feel to it. For me Priest have delivered a good mixture of Majestic and Metal tracks, now comes the difficult choice on what tracks to put on the playlist of Radio Thunder UK, my online radio. Which tracks are my favourite, I don’t know yet…too many to choose from. Could be Battle Cry, Tears of Blood, Halls of Valhalla, Redeemer of Souls, Creature, etc etc.. all I know this is up there with the best Judas Priest albums…..go get it Priest fans………as well as getting the Downloads from this album (for those interested in vinyl) I also went out and bought the LP as the cover is great artwork, and I have it framed on the wall. The LP Cover has a silk feel to it and if you like album wall art is well worth the cost. This is a contender for Metal Album of The Year…so far….



Amberian Dawn – Magic Forest Review

Amberian Dawn Magic Forest Large

Rated 5/5

1. Cherish My (4.5)
2. Dance Of Life (4.5)
3. Magic Forest (5)
4. Agonizing Night (4.5)
5. Warning (5)
6. Son Of Rainbow (5)
7. I’m Still Here
8. Memorial (4)
9. Endless Silence (5)
10. Green-Eyed (4)
If you like Power or Symphonic Metal there is something in this album for you.I liked the album on the first listen which is something that impresses me, as some albums need a few plays before I can say it gets 5 stars.
The album has a good blend of energetic and melodic tracks, the tracks can be a combination of bombastic and catchy tunes, and you could quite easily say that you heard similar on a Nightwish, Serenity, Xandria or Ancient Bards album, but I think that’s a plus.

I believe that the band used Indiegogo to try to fund the making of the album because at the time they didn’t have a record deal, and they got 25% of the money they wanted through the scheme and have been distributed through Napalm Records who picked them up. So we’ll done to those who made contributions because they help make a great album. Hailing from Finland the band Capri – Vocals Tuomas Seppälä – Guitar & Keyboard Emil Pohjalainen – Guitar Kimmo Korhonen – Guitar  Joonas Pykälä-aho – Drums, have produced an album that just blends together in one Powerful Symphonic sound. I give them the 5 star treatment for the innovative way they fought to get this album produced

see Indiegogo site https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/new-amberian-dawn-album-2014 . The 4 Top tracks have made the New Releases Playlist on Radio Thunder UK.

There are two bonus instrumental tracks of Warning and Dance of Life on a Limited edition of the album.


Kobra and the Lotus – High Prietess Review

Kobra and the Lotus High Priestess

Rated 4/5

  1. Warhorse (4.5)
  2. I Am, I Am (3.5)
  3. Heartbeat (5)
  4. Hold On (4)
  5. High Priestess (3)
  6. Soldier (5)
  7. Battle of Wrath (4.5)
  8. Visionary (4.5)
  9. Willow (4)
  10. Lost In The Shadow (4.5)

I enjoyed this album on it’s first listen, so that is a plus for me. It’s a mixture of Heavy and Melodic Metal.

A Canadian Band with vocalist Kobra Paige leading the way with her distinct sound backed by Jasio Kulakowski (guitars),  Brad Kennedy (bass) and Elias “Bones” Rodriguez (guest drummer), who put in some good solos and rhythm.
This band doesn’t sit in a specific metal category as the tracks vary between commercial metal, melodic and heavy metal.
Kobra and the Lotus last album was good, but this is better, they sound a bit like A Sound of Thunder or Vandroya, but aren’t as Heavy as Battle Beast, a good blend of metal tracks, some more energetic than others.
So if you like like stuff from Avenged Sevenfold, to Battle Beast, to Delain, you might like them.