Crosswind – Vicious Dominion Review

Crosswind Vicious Dominion small

Rated 4.5/5
01. From Ashes Reborn (4)
02. Lords Of Deceit (4.5)
03. The Order (4.5)
04. Angels At War (5)
05. Legion Lost (5)
06. Vicious Dominion (5)
07. Aeons (5)
08. Grim Steeds (4)
09. Eye Of The Storm (4)

At times Melodic but with high energy Power Metal from a Greek band that has reformed and bring 9 Powerful songs to the album.

Last year bands such as Victorius, Vandroya, A Sound of Thunder and Battle Beast were new(ish) Power Metal bands that caught my attention, this year so far there has been Last Bastion,  Dark Forest, Evertale and now Crosswinds.

The album starts off with the epic opening instrumental track (al la Two Steps from Hell esque) then starts the powerful tracks with the best of them landing in the middle part, but for me the final two tracks are disappointing although still good, I was hoping for a climatic finale but was left a little disappointed.  I’m sure Crosswind will feature in my Top 10 New Bands at the end of the year, unless there are some really good Power Metal bands still waiting in the wings for me to stumble across.



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