Last Bastion Album Review

Last Bastion The Road to Redemption small

Rating 4.5/5

1. I Know When I’m Home (5)
2. Ancient Lands (4.5)
3. Plataea (4.5)
4. Northern Kingdom (4.5)
5. Angel’s Tyranny (4.5)
6. The Road to Redemption (4.5)
7. The Way of Kings, Pt. 1: Cursed By Fate (4)
8. The Way of Kings, Pt. 2: Stormblessed (4.5)
9. Liberation (4.5)
10.Forevermore (4.5)

Last Bastion is a power metal band based out of Seattle, Washington, USA. They play Epic Power metal. I’m impressed with this new band. Catchy melodies, blazing guitar harmonies, powerful bass, intricate drum and  keyboards, along with clear powerful vocals all makes them sound as if they should be a Power Metal band from Europe, and that is a compliment. If you can stand your ground against European Power Metal then you have a chance.

If you’ve not heard them take a chance. For their first album they’ve done well. Think Fans of such groups as Firewind, Mob Rules, Power Quest will like them, and even Stormwarrior and Gamma Ray.

Edguy Space Police Defenders of the Crown Review

Edguy Space Police Small

Rating 3/5

  1. Sabre & Torch (3.5)
  2. Space Police (3)
  3. Defenders Of the Crown (5)
  4. Love Tyger (2.5)
  5. The Realms of Baba Yaga (4)
  6. Rock Me Amadeus (2)
  7. Do Me Like a Caveman (2.5)
  8. Shadow Eaters (3)
  9. Alone in Myself (2.5)
  10. The Eternal Wayfarer (4)
  11. England (3)
  12. Aychim in Hysteria (3)

The outstanding track for me is Defenders of the Crown. There’s not enough in this album for me to get excited about. There are very few 5 star tracks. I was hoping for better. This album seems to be disjointed and there are various different styles to the tracks. Once I’d played it a few times, I started to think that certain tracks would fit well on other bands albums, like Def Leppard, Poison, Axxis. And could that be why it doesn’t rate highly with me. Tobias Sammet has been quoted as saying “We have focused on what makes this band unique”,  I can’t see this, I played the Hell Fire Club album as a comparison and I could identify that with the Edguy sound, this album seems more of an Avantasia sound, with various styles. Having been a fan of this band for many years the last two albums have been a disappointment, but I guess as Tobias Sammet says “This band has been existing for more than 22 years, and we still haven’t reached our peak in a creative way.” I just guess that means they’ve progressed from the Classic Metal albums of Vain Glory Opera, Hall of Flames, Savage Poetry, that I loved and I’m stuck in the past.

Delain The Human Contridiction Review

Delain The Human Contridiction small

Rating 3.5/5

1. Here Come the Vultures (4.5)
2. Your Body is a Battleground (4)
3. Stardust (3.5)
4. My Masquerade (3)
5. Tell me, Mechanist (3)
6. Sing to Me (3)
7. Army of Dolls (4.5)
8. Lullaby (3.5)
9. The Tragedy of the Commons (3)

If you listen to all the songs in isolation there are some good tracks on the album, but if you listen to the album all they way through, by the time you get to the middle, you start to wonder if they used the same drum track all the way through the album. According to the album notes they used 3 different drummers, but it doesn’t show, as all sound as if they are electronic beats. Leaving the drums aside there is good blend of vocals from everyone, and Charlotte Wessels vocals stand out again. Marco Hietala (Nigtwish) makes an appearance on the second track. Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy) growls her way through the last track. Overall I was disappointed with the album, but the album cover is iconic and there are a few good tracks for me to put on the radio playlist, but I think fans of the group will like it and see it as progress.



Sonata Arctica Pariahs Child Review

Sonata Arctica Pariah's Child Large

Rating 4/5

1. The Wolves Die Young (4.5)
2. Running Lights (4)
3. Take One Breath (3.5)
4. Cloud Factory (4)
5. Blood (4)
6. What Did You Do In The War, Dad? (3.5)
7. Half A Marathon Man (3.5)
8. X Marks The Spot (4)
9. Love (4)
10. Larger Than Life (4)

The new album has the flavour of their old albums. Like a lot of their albums there are tracks that might take a few plays before you say I like that one. Being that the songs often have the same style as previous albums, they will blend in at a concert to good effect. It is an album that will take a few plays to get use too, but that is not unfamiliar to Sonata Arctica albums, they can change melody during tracks very well and I am sure fans will enjoy this album and pick their favourites. Sonata Arctica have matured their sound since the days of Winterhearts Guild, and this album is on a par with Stones Grow Her Name, but I must admit I am more of a fan of the Silence – Winterheart era.