Gamma Ray Empire of the Undead Review

Gamma Ray Empire of the Undead1

Rating 3.5/5

1. Avalon (5)
2. Hellbent (3)
3. Pale Rider (3)
4. Born to Fly (4)
5. Master of Confusion (3.5)
6. Empire of the Undead (3)
7. Time for Deliverance (3)
8. Demonseed (3)
9. Seven (5)
10. I Will Return (5)
11. Built A World (3)

Gamma Ray have become one of these bands that want to screw every last penny out of their fans. They have again put out a distribution on mp3 download and not made the best track Avalon available in that format so that you have to buy the full CD to get. So screw you Gamma Ray. You’ve done this before, and it’s not the first time you let fans down.  The last few albums from Gamma Ray have disappointed me in their overall quality, but there are always outstanding tracks to be found, in the case of this album I have marked 3 tracks 5 stars and for me they can stand along side the Classics of Gamma Ray. It’s just a shame there an not many more.


Iron Savior – Rise of The Hero Review

Iron Savior Rise of the Hero

Rating 4.5/5

Track Listing

01. Ascendence (Intro)
02. Last Hero (5)
03. Revenge Of The Bride (4)
04. From Far Beyond Time (5)
05. Burning Heart (4.5)
06. Thunder From The Mountains (4)
07. Iron Warrior (4)
08. Dragon King (4.5)
09. Dance With Somebody (3.5)
10. Firestorm (4)
11. The Demon (4)
12. Fistraiser (4.5)
13. I’ve Been To Hell 2014 [limited edition](4)

Rise Of The Hero offers a strong, heavy power metal sound, the kind of power metal you want to turn up loud. Iron Savior have been around for a long time, and this is one of their best albums to date. It will give Gamma Ray a run for their money, as this is a typical Iron Savior power metal album which people will enjoy. It has a limited edition track for the last track that is not on all CDs

Dark Forest – The Awakening Review

Dark Forest The Awakening

Rating 4/5

01. The Awakening (5)
02. Sacred Signs (4)
03. Penda’s Fen (4)
04. Turning Of The Tide (5)
05. Rise Like Lions (4)
06. Immortal Remains (4)
07. Secret Commonwealth (4.5)
08. The Last Season (4.5)
09. Sons Of England (5)

I enjoyed this album from a UK band called Dark Forest. It’s their 3 rd album, and has at times a Blind Guradian or Iron Maiden feel to it with guitar harmonies, there is a folksy feeling at times, not unlike bands such a Evertale.  Anyone looking for some old school heavy/power metal should look no further. The album opens and closes with the stand-out tracks of the albums, The Awakening and Sons of England, the rest in between aren’t bad either.


Pretty Maids – Louder Than Ever Review

Pretty Maids Louder than Ever

Rating 3/5

Track Listing:
1. Deranged* (3)
2. Playing God (4)
3. Psycho-Time-Bomb-Planet-Earth (3)
4. My Soul To Take* (3)
5. He Who Never Lived (3)
6. Virtual Brutality (3)
7. Tortured Spirit (3.5)
8. With These Eyes (3)
9. Nuclear Boomerang* (3.5)
10. Snakes in Eden (4)
11. Wake Up to the Real World (3)
12. A Heart Without a Home* (3)

* New

Louder Than Ever is almost a Re-recorded release. There are 12 songs total. Eight of them are re-recorded versions of older Pretty Maids songs, and not the songs you’d expect like “Future World” or “Red, Hot and Heavy.” They’ve reworked songs from their ‘90s Massacre release. I have to say I’m disappointed in this album after such a good Motherland album. Maybe it’s because I didn’t like the originals that much, the reworks are a bit better and I’m sure fans will enjoy the production much better.


Magnum – Escape From The Shadow Garden Review

Magnum Escape from the Shadow Garden

Rating 3.5/5

Track List:
1. Live ‘Til You Die (5Stars)
2. Unwritten Sacrifice (4 Stars)
3. Falling For The Big Plan (3 Stars)
4. Crying In The Rain (3.5 Stars)
5. Too Many Clowns (3 Stars)
6. Midnight Angel  (5 Stars)
7. The Art Of Compromise (3.5 Stars)
8. Don’t Fall Asleep (3.5 Stars)
9. Wisdom’s Had Its Day (4 Stars)
10. Burning River (5 Stars)
11. The Valley Of Tears (3.5 Stars)


Magnum have a Pomp Rock style that has lasted for Decades, they’ve had their ups and downs where albums are concerned. I really like them as a Live band, but some of their studio albums haven’t always delivered, while others have produced classic tracks that stand the test of time. Escape From The Shadow Garden, falls in the middle for me. It is a typical Melodic Rock album from Magnum with some outstanding tracks, but most of the tracks I’d class as average, maybe they will sound better Live.


Within Temptation Hydra Review

Within Temptation Hydra medi
Rating 3.5/5
1. Let Us Burn (5 Stars)
2. Dangerous feat. Howard Jones (5 Stars)
3. And We Run feat. Xzibit (3.5 Stars)
4. Paradise (What About Us?) feat. Tarja (4 Stars)
5. Edge Of The World (3.5 Stars)
6. Silver Moonlight (5 Stars)
7. Covered By Roses (5 Stars)
8. Dog Days (3.5 Stars)
9. Tell Me Why (4 Stars)
10. Whole World Is Watching feat. Dave Pirner (4 Stars)

Disappointing, there are some stand out tracks, but overall the more I listen, they have fallen short on a few tracks, may be it will grow on me, as most of the tracks given 5 stars are those I heard prior to release on a previous mini release or youtube. The sound and production is very good but tends to be a bit commercial and Adel’s voice has again delivered a good range of emotions.
There is a Digi Premium release which gives 9 Bonus tracks, some of the songs from “The Q-Music Sessions” make an appearance as bonus tracks, other tracks are second versions from the main album with commentary on the making of the songs, but I didn’t get this version so can’t review them.

Freedom Call Album review

Due for Release Feb 2014

Album Review

FREEDOM CALL Album “Beyond” – Tracklisting
Rating : 3.5/5
1. Union of the Strong (5 Stars)
2. Knights of Taragon (5 Stars)
3. Heart of a Warrior (4.5 Stars)
4. Come on Home (4 Stars)
5. Beyond (4.5 Stars)
6. Among the Shadows (5 Stars)
7. Edge of the Ocean (4.5 Stars)
8. Journey into Wonderland (4 Stars)
9. Rhythm of Light (4 Stars)
10. Dance off the Devil (3.5 Stars)
11. Paladin (5 Stars)
12. Follow your Heart (4.5 Stars)
13. Colours of Freedom (4.5 Stars)
14. Beyond Eternity (4 Stars)

This is a typical Freedom Call Album, Fans of the group will enjoy it, those who haven’t heard them before might find some of the lyrics a bit cheesy.
Fans of groups like Hammerfall and Helloween might enjoy some of the tracks on the album.
For me Beyond is much better than Land of the Crimson Land and Circle of Life and on a par with Legend of the Shadowking. It is their best album for a few years but still I can’t get enthusiastic about, there are a few standout tracks but not enough to save it from getting an average rating. Maybe it will grow on me with more plays.