Winterstorm Cathyron Review

Due for Release Feb 2014

Total 4/5

At times this album can over do the Epic opening tracks (1,10,12), but on the whole it’s a good album. This album has a Folk Metal style to it. For me the stand out tracks are Cathyron and Call of Darkness. If you’ve not heard Winterstorm before, think Hammerfall or Freedom Call.

1. A Hero Rises 3
2. Cathyron 5
3. Far Away 4
4. Burning Gates 4
5. Windkeepers 5
6. Down In The Seas 5
7. The Maze 5
8. Eldars Of Wisdom 5
9. Metalavial 5
10. The Evocation 3
11. Call Of Darkness 5
12. The Elements

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